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My-Hime Mikoto Minagi Sword Miroku

My-Hime Mikoto Minagi Sword Miroku

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Product Detail
  • Material: Metal
  • Type: Steel
  • Product Type: Sword
  • Technique: forging and polishing
  • Style: Antique Imitation
  • Use: martial arts,decorations and collections
  • Theme: Sports
  • Regional Feature: China
  • Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
  • Model Number: ZS-9458

This katana is an exact imitation from the cartoon movie,It comes with steel blade that is good for the fans and collectors.



Overall Lenght


Blade Lenght


Handle Lenght


Blade Material

Carbon steel

Blade feature

withourt bohi

Scabbard (saya)Material

Black fake leather

Handle Material


Ito and sageo


Blade edge

Blunt,can also be made with a little sharp


In carton box,lined with foam plastic


Solid Zinc Alloy

My-HiME Mikoto Minagi:

Mikoto's Element is Miroku, a black two-handed sword. She is able to strike with great force and has cleaved a ship in half. She is also able to summon Miroku when physically separated from the sword. Her HiME mark is on her upper right arm.

Mikoto's Child is also named Miroku, and is a large giant with an equally large spiked club. it is first fully shown on screen in episode 23, though it does appear in earlier episodes causing spikes to come out of the ground at Mikoto's command. Mikoto herself does not appear to completely control the Child, who is referred to as the protector of the Obsidian Lord and attempts to block an attack against him during the final battle.

In the manga, Mikoto wields Miroku and is capable is using an attack that can split the ground. Mai states that Mikoto is the strongest of the HiMEs and can defeat the other HiMEs' Childs. Mikoto's Child and Key are not revealed; in fact, Mikoto herself states in chapter 11 that she doesn't have or need a Key, although this might just be boasting on her part.

How To Disassemble a Samurai Sword (PDF)